Nowhere Fast – Thunderdome


Nowhere Fast
, 2017


Billy Bulldozer

No more booze when you wake on hangover
Once again Mama saw it through
Feel like run down by a Billy Bulldozer
There's no chance that I will learn so

Even if I am needing a shower
To be kind at least to who's around
Self esteem has never been lower
So I have to start the coming round

Days have gone how many more just come and check the store
Life is on a plane but there's no navigator
When I lie I make it twice I wanna be so sure
If I smile, it's like a kind of alligator

Hate those looks in excess of comprehension
It makes me feel like I was always right
Or the hypocritical neighbor's expression
While their daughter's eating cream pie

Found a job at Betty's Love Corner
Twenty bucks and I make my day
Anyway it's good for the boner
It's a shop where lonely ladies lay

It's a game it's not for fame we never had it all
Someone rolls the dice and we don't understand that
There is always something more that we cannot control
It's a point of no return the road we walk on


Sat on the bed no way to sleep
Eyes on the ceiling starts the dream
Mama in the house she works so bad

She's gotta pay more Daddy's debts
Out of the poster Stevie says “nobody waits for you old boy”
What if you try to be a superstar

We'll take a ride upon your Cadillac
Bikini girls inside your swimming pool
Trying to catch you just because you're cool
Showing your Grammies in a row

There on the Letterman Late Show
While Stevie's always on the screen you keep on following your dream

We'd never thought to get so far, we are becoming superstar
Bet you'll desire the way we are

Child of Black

Bring me to North there where the stars meet the rainbow
Here in my land there is no place for the One
And we will preserve you the heart of the Beast has to die
And no one will hurt you

You run from the earth from the sea from the sky
Leaving the shore sailing the hidden dimension
Chalice of gold, promise to come back from in time
Left in the distance wasting the best of my youth

Why have I been held away from the truth?
They fool you they fear you they make you run and kill you
When all is done you feel the shame
Forsaken awaken the weight of loss is greater
When all you have is thorn away

Have I been a runaway
Cross the line through night and day
Heaven or Hell be it, it's the same
Now I've returned look through the edge of the vengeance

Blessed is the blade cut with the eye of a stranger
No mercy can save you as I slowly rise at your back
My justice that beams through
I finally know I'm the real Child of Black

They curse you they plead you a glance of hate upon you
There never was another way
Forgotten forever you have become their Sinner
You walk the road alone again

Demon Hunter

Bentu de susu fridu scràbionat
Bentu de bàsciu spàniat arena
S'unu peus de s'atru
Incarrerant tallus de nuis
Chi pascint a totu mengianu
In custu celu, celu de biri
Currentis chi aparixant
Stiròngiant e unfrant
Cursas in tundu chi in d-unu sigundu spantosu
Assimbillant a sa spuma de su lati
Chi ndi bessit cand'est ancora callenti
Cursas in tundu chi in ddu unu sigundu spantosu

Ghost of our Mistakes

Every morning in your suit traffic jam is choking you
You tried your best but it's too late
Fall to pieces inner faith when your breath became so short

Closed in your room
Crying in silence to face the truth
Empty stares and broken heart was the better way to start

Now that you become aware
It's not easy to forget all the words we left unsaid
A deja-vu, it's always the same but it's up to you
The ghost of our mistakes awaits to crush the dreams we take away

We only have to walk the line to reach the peace we need to find
We can't pretend our lives are fine to turn the face won't hide the sight
Take the chance to clear your mind try to leave your past behind

As time goes by (don't lose your head)
We seem so blind, searching for the light
In our mind and in our soul dwells the hope to carry on
Break the walls of our fears

Time is running out and we don't know
The way we live is under our control
Time is running out and we deserve
The chance to try and live and learn again

Midnight Stalker

Through the heavy rain I watched beyond the wall
He was standing there and then I heard the call
It's a cold idea it's like a growing fear
I can see him clear he's slowly closing in

How could I sleep in the night anymore
Save me from myself I cannot shelter anywhere
You fool me with this game I cannot help getting insane
When the twilight comes I hear my heartbeat loud

He won't leave me be I see him through the crowd
Twisted figure black red eyes that burn my back
Maybe he's hiding here he's in the atmosphere
I know for real this will go on and on

The desperation slowly grows when hope takes too much to come
It's making all my thoughts of stone
I know he's here to steal my breath slowly intertwines the net
On my despair he always fed

It can't be seen it can't be done
I can't go on like this no more no one looks at me like before
My brain is rotten to the core
Am I the only one who sees his refined machinery

In death I'll find delivery
I know what's true now you will too just come with me I'll set us free
From all those pills
Blame it on myself I found a shelter in my head
I still see him when it rains in this straightjacket I feel safe

Hand on my Shoulder

I know too well words that you said wait in my head
I ride the blues dizziness came but I was used
Feeling my time getting shorter run like the wind on the sea

Right through your eyes you see a man in no disguise
But now it's late guess that you know I'm not good with goodbyes

Feeling your hand on my shoulder
Thinking of what could have been
Now that I need what you gave me
Don't turn your back and your smile fade away

Untie your pride (there is a whole life to mend)
And leave the regrets behind ( dreams always come to an end )
I should be miles away trying to forget
Bet every time I close my eyes you are holding my hand

One day somewhere we'll meet again

Eternal Light

The veil of faith we made the truth
The man is blind and I will wait behind
A look within Hipocrisy
The only law they they seek is grudge and pride
On and on the game grows strong

Bow your head no tear to shed
Try to face reality all your souls belong to me
Don't be so rude, unsatisfied
The man is far beyond your blind desire

Hundreds of years they show no fear
A twist of fate should look an odd demise
Raise your voice keep your arms held tight

None can turn off your Eternal Light
Take a chance you will find path is clear in your mind
Head up high fill with hope your eyes
Deep inside you bring Eternal Light

Once upon a life away to tremble was a shame
No time to hesitate no place for any hate
Those dreams have gone away…
Their souls of mercy were denied, used to walk on side by side
The purple line is closing near what a waste of life

It is my greatest fear
Unforgivable your levity on who they really are
Crimson shards of faith and truth will shine
Under the darkest moon
Suffering they die

I'll crush your sons, or even better,
They will have it on their own
If it is your will ( I swear it is ) you're wrong ( instead I'm strong )
When they seem to fall ( I'll take them all ) they join to carry on
Mighty shades of white ( the sign of your disruption )

Step aside ( just come and try )
The day will overcome the night
Watch your world in decay, ashes, rust, dirt and flame
What you mean by eternal is nothing more than endless agony
With an overwhelming violence time was stopped

In sudden silence seizing new redemption
Leave your lapses behind, choose the right one more time
Through the mist heart is shining bright, deep inside you bring Eternal Light

Una produzione 2017