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It’s Christmas One More Time – Patrick Atzori


It's One More Time – 2018

di Patrick Atzori

I heard in the night some bells ringing through the sky

Then I step into my house to call my sister

I said “hey! Come with me, there's a thing that you must see,

there were Dancer, Dasher, prancer, Donner, puling the sleight”!

And I remember when I was a boy,

How the magic of those days have never faded away

I just wanna tell all children as I was once

some simple words exploding from my heart:

It's time to love, ‘cause it's Christmas one more time

just call your friends and give this special gift

give your smile and be there, make a world to live in peace

and show them how beautiful life is gonna be

it's time to love, is always time to love, always time to love

Lyrics and music: Patrick Atzori

Brass arrangements: Patrick Atzori, Adriano Sarais

Lyrics EDITING: Sara Saiu

Lead vocal, guitar, choir: Patrick Atzori

Bass, choir: Gianfranco “Frank” Zucca

Drum, choir vocals, choir: Matteo Leone

Trumpet: Adriano Sarais

Tenor Saxophone: Davide Vargiu

Choir: Sara Saiu, Carla Giulia Striano

Dancers: Alberto Serra, Stefania Mascia

Recording, mix and mastering: William Cocco, SONUSVILLE in Siliqua, Sardinia.

Film & Editing: Claudio Marras

Directed by Niku Atzori, Claudio Marras

Produced by: Patrick Atzori

Filmed at “